Complimentary Griller Box

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation, the first step towards receiving your complimentary Wagyu Griller Package, along with chef inspired recipes on how to create restaurant style dinners. Call 1-660-438-6056 or email us at to schedule now!

  • Do you know how to maximize your Social Security Income?
  • Have you ever wondered how to create a lifetime income in retirement?
  • Are you getting close to age 70? Do you understand Required Minimum Distribution?
  • Are you interested in learning ways to possibly avoid probate

My name is Mike Kerby, owner of Secure Retirement Planners. I can help answer these questions and more through my two-appointment process to show you ways to have a well-rounded retirement plan. I’m offering a COMPLIMENTARY Wagyu Griller Package for meeting with me and going through this two-appointment process. At the first meeting, we’ll get to know each other and discuss your financial goals and current situation. Together, we’ll then determine what information I’ll need to provide a plan that addresses your unique needs. At the conclusion of our SECOND MEETING, you’ll receive your personal retirement or estate plan as well as a Wagyu Griller Package (American Kobe Beef), Retail Value $97 at no charge.

Call me at 660-438-6056 to schedule your complimentary consultation, the first step toward receiving your complimentary Wagyu Griller Package along with chef inspired recipes on how to create restaurant style dinners.

Your Complimentary Waygu Griller Package will include:

  • 4 Wagyu beef hamburger patties
  • 1 package Wagyu medallions

      (Feeds 2-4 People)

  • 1 package Wagyu strips

      (Feeds 2-4 People)  

Retail Value: $97

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We encourage you to watch the videos we have uploaded on our Video Library page.  These videos cover some important topics that apply to everyone who is trying to create a retirement plan.  Some of these topics may be covered in our first appointment.  Please watch these videos and learn how each family’s situation is unique.  We can potentially design a custom plan that is created just for you and your family.

Michael Kerby offers Investment Advisory Services through Gradient Advisors, LLC (Arden Hills, MN 877-885-0508), an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.  Gradient Advisors, LLC and its advisors do not render tax, legal or accounting advice.  Secure Retirement Planners, Inc. is not a registered investment advisor and is not an affiliate of Gradient Advisors, LLC. Insurance products and services are offered through Michael Kerby and Tabetha Akeyo, independent agents. Secure Retirement Planners, Inc. Tabetha Akeyo, Michael Kerby and Gradient Advisors, LLC. are not affiliated or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any government agency.